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Rewind takes a privacy-first approach

How we safeguard your memories

For your privacy, your screen and audio recordings are stored locally and NEVER leave your Mac.

What happens when you capture screen or audio?

Compression, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) all happen locally.

What happens when you search in Rewind?

All recording data stays local. Rewind will query your memories to present you with the most relevant results.

What about meeting summaries or Ask Rewind?

If you choose to use our meeting summarization or Ask Rewind features, only relevant text-based data is sent to the cloud and is encrypted in transit.

With Rewind, you're in control of your data

Exclude apps from being captured

You choose which applications get captured and which ones don’t.

Encrypt your data using FileVault

Apple FileVault works with Rewind. With it enabled your data is encrypted.

Pause capturing at any point

You can pause screen, microphone, and speaker capture at any time.

Delete any moment

Forget to pause? You can easily delete anything you didn’t mean to capture.

Choose how long your Rewind data stays around on your machine

With our retention feature, you have control over how long the data is stored on your machine.

Opt out of product analytics & crash reporting at any time

We make it easy to opt-in or opt-out of product analytics & crash reporting while using Rewind.

Interested in the full details?

View our comprehensive privacy policy.

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