Rewind for ADHD

Never Worry About Forgetting

Get back to what you were doing without the pain of trying to remember

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Rewind is a privacy-first app that records what you do and makes it searchable.

All data is stored locally and you have full control over what is captured.

Feel the safety and ease of knowing you've got backup.

  • Find that thing you read somewhere the other day...or week?
  • Retrace your steps when you've forgotten what you forgot.
  • Have Rewind tell you what you did yesterday.
  • Keep everything passively organized.
  • Easily recall something that was mentioned in a meeting.

See why others with ADHD call Rewind a second brain.

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See what it's like to have perfect memory.

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Just Ask. Let Rewind find or make what you need.

Summarize the team daily standup meeting
What did I look at on Twitter three days ago?
Write a status update about what I did today
What was I doing in Slack today?

Never forget your action items. Rewind records and summarizes your meetings.

Time travel is a keystroke away. Rewind time to see what you did.

If you've seen it, said it, or heard it, Rewind can find it for you.